About Us

Teeters Products was founded in 1955 by brothers John and Dorwin Teeters. The brothers started most of their days loading up a trailer early in the morning with soap they made themselves. They then traveled to Laundromats across Ohio and Indiana selling their soap giving away soap venders along the way for an exclusive soap contract. "Back then", Dorwin recalls "soap vended for $.05. The soap was not in boxes like it is today. People simply put their cup under the machine and put in a nickel and soap fell into the cup." As relationships continued to develop and business grew Teeters Products outgrew Dorwin's garage so the brothers purchased a building in Fletcher, Ohio that was at one time a furniture store. Impressed with the brother's customer service skills many Laundromat owners asked and encouraged the brothers to sell washers and dryers as well as soap products. Teeters Products used their established relationship to then enter the commercial washer and dryer business.

As the company expanded Doug Grise was hired at Teeters Products to clean equipment and manage warehouse duties. It wasn't long before Doug worked his way up to selling equipment and later purchased the company in 1988. Doug was and still is passioinate about marketing equipment. He wanted to create a vision that laundry owners could get excited about. You don't have to be beside Doug too long before you hear him say "Nothing happens until someone gets excited". Quickly Teeters Products went from not having a showroom to having one of the largest showrooms in the United States.

Doug continued to have Teeters Products live out his philosophy "Be the best and be different". Doug's passion for promotion is one of the reasons the washer decals and sign packages were developed. "We always try to give our customers everything they ask for and then something extra that they don't expect." The annual Open House quickly became a trademark of Teeters Products. Educational seminars led by industry experts allowed Teeters Products to give back to the industry.

Teeters Products not only grew in new equipment sales but also in used equipment sales. By Teeters Products purchasing used equipment from its customers it made otherwise unaffordable new equipment affordable. The equipment would then be cleaned, tested, repaired, and resold nationwide. Laundry owners have traveled nationwide to purchase used equipment.

The success would not be possible without the hard work of the Teeters Products staff. For nearly 20 years Alan Jess has kept customers happy by troubleshooting and solving problems over the phone. Alan often sells equipment to a loyal crowd by keeping them happy and their machines running. Alan usually doesn't punch out at 5:00. His commitment is foundational to Teeter's success. The office staff of Bev Pittenger and Sallie Anderson also contribute to the success by keeping everything running smooth behind the scenes for over 20 years.

The foundation of hard work and relationship building started by John and Dorwin Teeters remains today at Teeters Products. We hope you find our website helpful and informative. We would be happy to talk to you about ways we could help. That is what we are here for and what we are all about.