Stack Washer/Dryer

A Triple Load of Laundry in Less Than an Hour

Dexter developed the Stack Washer/Dryer Express for laundry owners needing maximum laundry power with limited space. Only the Dexter Stack Washer/Dryer Express can produce a triple load of laundry from wash-to-dry in less than one hour.

Washing gets done in an easy-to-load triple load cylinder that has a final spin at 200 G-Force. High extraction removes more water, decreasing the amount of time and energy necessary to dry the load of laundry.

Variable Frequency Drive technology ramps motor speed-keeping running AMPs low and reducing electricity usage. VFD technology extends motor life and runs ultra-quiet, keeping your laundry environment pleasant.

Stacked on top of the washer is a full-sized triple load dryer. Operators will enjoy simple controls and fast drying results. As part of Dexter's V-Series Express product family, the Stack/ Washer/Dryer Express is loaded with valuable benefits. Owners will appreciate a washer control that is programmable with a handheld computer running optional Palm OS software.

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