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A Variety of Needs. A Variety of Solutions

Hotels and Hospitality
You're striving to make your guests comfortable and Dexter is here to help you deliver. Our solutions help you ensure that your laundry is cleaner than clean and your image is spotless. From bedding to table linens, towels to uniforms - our capacity equipment can help you handle your heavy loads and difficult stains.

Hospitals and Healthcare
Hygiene is critical to your business and Dexter has the equipment that you need to protect your patients and your employees. Our easily programmed units allow you to control the settings you need to remove pathogens and other contaminants. Our products have become an integralpart of healthcare facilities around the world, helping administrators maximize space and minimize expenses while maintaining the strict standards of cleanliness you need.

Sports and Fitness Facilities
Your business is an active one with a constant need for clean towels and uniforms and Dexter can help you keep up with your continuous laundry needs. Ask your Dexter distributor about the many ways we can help you keep your laundry in top physical condition.

Restaurants, Catering and Food Service
Not only are you regularly serving up delicious food, but you are also serving up a big impression and keeping your aprons, napkins, and assorted linens in premium condition is an important part of your success. Dexter equipment can help you keep cooking up the success that has helped your business grow.

Beauty Salons and Spas
Those towels, robes, and other linens just seem to accumulate don't they? Are you tired of hauling them home to wash or to the corner laundromat? Dexter has many different solutions for you to keep on top of your laundry so you can focus on your customers.

Prisons and Correctional Facilites
Heavy-duty laundry requires heavy-duty equipment and Dexter can provide the equpiment you need to remove the toughest stains from your toughest customers.

Fire Safety and Rescue
To protect and serve is a noble profession, but it can also be a dirty one. Your crew comes into contact with chemicals, smoke, blood and other contaminants. You need laundry equipment to keep their uniforms and clothing in top condition no matter how many alarm stains are on them.

Dry Cleaners and Shirt Laundries
While Dexter's coin operated equipment is best for your customers who do their laundry themselves, do you have a cost effective way to handle your drop off laundry and drycleaning? Dexter's OPL products can give you an affordable way to finish your fluff and fold, faster than you imagined!

Farming, Meat, and Dairy Processing
Dexter on-premise laundry equipment is strong enough to handle your toughest agricultural laundry needs. Whether it's towels for milking on a dairy farm or uniforms for your processing plant, Dexter equipment will help keep your laundry in top condition.