99.8% Efficient Water Heating Solutions

Did you know?
- Gas prices have gone up over 300% in recent years.
- Generally speaking 50% of gas usage is consumed by dryers and the rest is consumed by the water heater.
- Just by replacing your water heater your gas bill could be cut 25% conservatively.

What makes 99.8% efficiency possible?
- 316L Surgical Quality Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger.
- Microprocessor controlled modulating heat.

Our water heaters are available in the following heating capacities:
- 79,999 BTU
- 129,999 BTU
- 179,999 BTU
- 199,999 BTU
- 299,999 BTU
- 399,999 BTU
- 599,999 BTU

Which size is right for me?
Sizing a water heater too large can be unneccessarily expensive. Sizing a water heater too small can reduce the life span of the heater and worse yet fail to produce enough hot water to laundry customers when they need it the most. Teeters Products can provide you with the size that is just right by using Hamilton Engineering's CompSize software. We have a database of just about every washer on the market along with its water usage. All we need is your washer type and quantity. Call Teeters Products today for your free sizing.

How much can I save?
There are many variables that go into determining your gas bill. By answering some basic questions and providing some past gas bills Teeters Products perform a savings analysis. Call Teeters Products today for your free savings analysis.