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"Customers were thrilled by their savings of time and the owners were amazed by their savings on the water and electric bills. These savings are the key to increase the profit."
~ David Leighton

"My customers are extremely happy with the washers because they really cut down on the drying time which means the people have to spend less time doing their laundry."
~ Bob Brenneman
"After installing 24 Express machines at one of our facilites, we realized an approximate 40% drop in natural gas consumption."
~ Brad Mathewson
"Very simply, Dexter Express Washers are phenomenal!"
~ Brian Mickley
"The reception of the new machines has been tremendous. My customers are saving time and money, revenue is up, and my gas bills are down thanks to the 200G machines."
~ Brian Shrieve
"Lower utility bills and higher revenues make the choice to switch to the Express Washers a no-brainer."
~Howard Boone
"My customers come up to me and tell me how pleased they are. And let me say that a person can say anything just to make you feel good, but the proof is in the coin box."
~ Jim Gault
"It does extract at 200G, it did cut dry time in half, and best of all-it did increase profits. One more thing, the customers love'em."
~ Terry Crunk
Over the past six months my sales have increased by over 12% and my utilities have gone down. Top load usage has decreased from 6.2 turns per day to 4.0 turns per day which further decreases my expenses. Needless to say, the new machines have kept me profitable in this very tough market.
~Matt Mickley